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factoTime helps small businesses to track the timing of the employees, shift management, and salary calculation.

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Automate employees’ Time tracking with factoTime

A single platform for marking, recording, and managing employee’s time, attendance, and salary calculation


Automate attendance tracking system

Adopt a new way to track, monitor, and record your staff’s attendance. Use readily available employee attendance management tool factoTime and automate and simplify your employee attendance management system.


Multiple time clock features

factoTime app provides various options for clocking in and out. For example, employees can clock in with the location and punch or scan a QR code.


Time tracking

With the factoTime app, you can easily track the timing of the employees. With the clock in, the app starts counting the hours with a clock in and out time.


Multiple shift creation

You can run multiple shifts, including day, night, and flexible shifts. You can assign shifts to your employees as per your requirements. In addition, you can alter or create shifts as per your requirements.


Automate salary calculation

Make the Salary calculation effortless; With the help of working hours and rates details, factoTime automatically calculate your employees’ salary.

Exclusive Features Offered By factoTime

Punch + selfie + location

With the three-factor authentication security of Punch + Selfie + Location, you can get dependable and authentic reports for your organization.

Attendance with QR code

Employees can also mark attendance with a QR code. It will prevent time theft and buddy punch by allowing the employee to punch in and punch out using unique QR codes from their mobile phone only.

Employees time-keeping

No more need to maintain a register of the employees. factoTime will record and keep the employee’s name, attendance, overtime, leave, salary, and many more details.

Restrict employees device

This feature enables employees to punch only from the smartphone registered in the company database. This feature makes factoTime the most secure app in the market.

Holiday calendar

The yearly holiday list, including festivals and national and regional holidays. Which can be configured as per your requirement in the factoTime app.

Working days calendar

You can arrange a calendar with working days, hours, and weekly offs. You can also configure it as per your requirements. The reports are generated according to the configured setting.

Comprehensive reports

Generate reports with a single click for daily and monthly employee attendance. In addition, the reporting is in directly importable formats.

Payroll automation

factoTime automatically calculates an employee’s salary with the help of working hours, overtime, and leave data. It can be done by daily and monthly wage rates.

Easy access through all devices

You can login factoTime through all the devices and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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What Our Users Say

Awesome App All features are there which you want Daily punctuation facility are there

Dhruv Vala

Brilliant!!!! Makes my life so much easier and for my staff too. Would recomend to everyone

Sharene Van vuuren

Really useful and user friendly app. Would be great if we could change the punch time without premium version. Would be great with web interface.

Manjil Shrestha

Using this app from last 1 year for my employees attendance. Its damn perfect. Highly recommended to all the employers.


Amazing app for maintenance staff attendance data effectively, happy to have it.

Atiqul Amin

Very good app, business can use for attendance and salary management.

Jobiden Jiofery

Very user friendly. Does all that I need for attendance tracking and does not consume too much space in my phone memory.

Irah MC

Punch apps with GPS function. Easy to use and very affordable.highly recommended especially for small company.

Daniel Liew

We are using it from last 1 year.its working perfectly.No more manual affort required to monitor attendance of the the employees.

Zolbahar Ali

Team, add target vs achievements also with other features. Performance management can enhance the producticity too if attached with this app, kpis features should be added for all employees.


Excellent app. Better than biometric attendance. I first used the free version and now upgrade to premium for more better features. I have renewed by plan twice. I got very good support from the facto customer care. They even did custom settings for me…. Happy Facto Customer.

Rashaad Hussain

Easy to use and so accurate to track the staff location with their selfie photo. I like the pictorial report that so details and can exported to Ms.Excel. Good job Facto Time.

Jamil Aziz

Accurately measure the attendance and leave and giving accurate figure of salary, great app.

Kamrun Nehar Sheikh

Hassle-free solution for attendance and salary management, happy to have it.

Prem dilwale khan

We are using this app for past one year and subscribe premium plan from last 6 month working seamlessly and good support team.

Sopior Khan

Facto Time is that only app that providing all over attendance and salary management with affordable subscription.

Anower Islamniiyjg

Facto time offering best way to manage salary and attendance through this app, fantastic work team.

Young star boy

Very handy app and it eases salary management and attendance monitoring system, thanks for bringing this app.

Shohed Ali

I just downloaded it, seems best app for attendance management. Free plan with amazing features and for long time.

Navjot Singh